Recruitment positions

Position NamePeopleGenderAgeEducationJob Requirements
Salesman2PeopleUnlimited22-30 yearCollegeHave good communication, coordination and execution skills, work pragmatically, respond quickly and sharply, and have a strong sense of responsibility.
Assistant General Manager1PeopleUnlimited25-38 yearCollege

1. More than three years of assistant general manager's work experience, working in this field, Taiwan-funded and foreign enterprise experience is preferred.

2. The knowledge structure is relatively comprehensive, has rich management experience, understands legal and financial knowledge, and can quickly grasp various knowledge related to the company's business.

3. Strong organizational, coordination, communication, leadership and interpersonal skills, as well as keen insight, strong judgment and decision-making capabilities, planning and execution capabilities.

4. Good teamwork spirit, honesty, integrity and integrity.

Equipment maintenance technician2PeopleMale22-35 yearTechnical secondary schoolHave electronic foundation, familiar with circuit mechanics, more than two years of equipment maintenance work experience, electrical license, maintenance in capacitor industry is preferred.
Clerk2PeopleFemale20-32 yearCollege

1. Strong communication skills and proficient computer operation.

2. Good looks, good health, and able to work under pressure.

3. Familiar with the documentary process. One year of practical experience in business, production management and documentary is preferred. 4. Excellent fresh graduates are also available.

Chugan3PeopleUnlimited20-25 yearCollege

1. Fresh graduates in mechatronics, electronic radio technology, physics and other majors.

2. Able to bear hardships and stand hard work, have a sense of innovation, have a strong communication and learning ability, and have a sense of responsibility for their work. Developed in important positions such as engineering, business, quality, management.

Committed to providing customers with reliable quality, reasonable prices and timely delivery of products and services

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